Cyber Politics refers to conflict and contention, as well as coordination and cooperation in the exercise of influence, leverage, and power in the "space" at the intersection of cyberspace – with the Internet at its core – and socio-political interactions at all levels of analysis. These issues are highly complex at the international and global levels. Invariably, they also bear upon interactions within and across levels and aggregations.

Question Mark

 Almost everyone recognizes that cyberspace is a fact of daily life. Given its ubiquity, scale, and scope, cyberspace – including the Internet, the billions of computers it connects, its management, and the experience it enables – has become a central feature of the world we live in and has created a fundamentally new reality for almost everyone in the developed world and rapidly growing numbers of people in the developing world.

Territorial boundaries are now more permeable than initially defined at the creation of the nation-state. The permeation of state boundaries by various models of "virtual" modalities highlights the limitations of conventional indicators of territoriality and the related traditional markers of sovereignty in relations among states.

There are excellent maps and visual materials for international relations and its various facets. There are also excellent maps of cyber access, different representations of traffic, and different features of the cyber domain.

Missing, however is a combined view so essential for understanding the implications of the cyber domain. The question mark in the Figure below signals the challenges ahead.

There is limited understanding of how cyberspace influences international relations, and how power and politics in international relations influence the conduct in, and management of, cyberspace—or how these shape the configuration of this domain.

The defining stakes pertain to who gets what, when, and how and, by extension, who does what, when, and how—and with what types of consequences. The value proposition os embedded in the question mark above. The research imperative is to address the co-evolution dynamics head-on by focusing on the properties on both sides of the Figure above.

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Conflict WarScience of SecurityAI Global AccordCyber GovernanceCyber-IROutreach